Beauty lies in every place and Champawat has glamour of its own. Champawat is one of the districts of Uttarakhand and is situated in India. It comprises of 4 Tehsils, 4 developmental blocks and a total of 691 revenue villages. The region of Champawat is endowed with immense natural beauty and traditional culture, both of which make it one of the popular hotspots in Indian tourism. The beautiful region of Champawat owes its name to Champawati, who was the daughter of King Arjun Deos. This region has immense social and religious importance which makes it a perfect example of the mystical incredible India; the land is believed to be the source of culture and religion of the entire region of Uttarakhand. The regional language of Champawat is Kumaon. You are surely going to weave some beautiful memories and get more religious, once you pay a visit in Champawat.Champawat District Map

Champawat History

The history of Champawat lies long back in time. The district was the former Capital of the popular Chand Dynasty Rulers. It is also believed to be the place which witnessed some mythological happenings such as Kurmavtar (Lord Vishnu’s Turtle Incarnation). The extravagant stone carvings done on Baleshwar Temple are one of its kinds. It was built in 12th century by Chand Rulers.

Geography of Champawat

The region is located at 29.33-degree North and 80.10-degree East. The river named Ram Ganga acts as a potential barrier between Pithorgarh in North and Champawat, while a long range of mountains separates the district of Nainital from it. The region is elevated at an average height of 5280 feet (1613 m) and spreads across an area of about 1781 sq.kms.

Climatic Conditions in Champawat

The nearness to the Himalayan Mountains affects the climatic conditions of the Champawat district to a great extent. The summers are normally warm and last from March to June. It has an average maximum temperature of 30 degree Celsius and average minimum temperature of 14 degree Celsius.

Champawat has quite a pleasant weather. Monsoon strikes the region in the month of July which extends till the month of October; the average rainfall varies from moderate to low in these months.

The winters in Champawat are very cool and the minimum average temperature drops down to approximately 4 degree Celsius. The season of winter sets in the month of November and extends till the month of February; snowfall is not very uncommon in this region.

Best Time to Visit Champawat

Champawat is one of the major Uttarakhand districts which can be visited anytime in a year owing to its geographical location. However, the ideal seasons for visit would be the summers so that you can enjoy various outdoor activities to its fullest. It is also advisable to avoid your visit in peak winter. The months from March to June are well suited for exciting outdoor activities, while the months from July to October are ideal for sightseeing and short trips. The district usually witnesses snowfall in the months of January & February.

Champawat Tourism – Popular Tourist Attractions to Visit

Champawat is one of the major tourist attractions in India that offers the tourists with best of sightseeing places. The places to visit in Champawat include:

  • Baleshwar Temple: This marvelous temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and was built by the rulers of Chand Dynasty. The temple is one of the best tourist places and is a piece of art. It is renowned for its exquisite stone carving and grandeur.
  • Kranteshwar Mahadev Temple: This sacred shrine is situated in the east of Champawat, on a hill top and is also known as the Kandev or Kurmapad. It is one of the famous temples of Champawat.
  • Banasur Ka Kila: It is a medieval fort which has mythological charm linked with its name and is situated at a distance of 7 kms from Champawat. This fort is said to be the assassination point of the legendary Vanasur. Lohawati River, tourist attraction is situated near to the fort.
  • Lohaghat: The historical town of Lohaghat is renowned for its natural beauty, serenity and mythological legends. The town is 14 kms away from the Champawat district and is situated on the banks of the river Lohawati.
  • Ek Hathiya Ka Naula: Situated at a distance of 5 kms from Champawat, it is believed that this marvelous piece of stone art was carved in one night by a single handed artisan.
  • Abbot Mount: The Abbot Mount is one of the best vacation spots and is situated at a distance of 8 kms from the district of Champawat. It offers the tourists with awe-inspiring view of the peaks of the Himalayas, which makes this place beautifully secluded and peaceful.
  • Meetha Reetha Sahib: It is an important center of the pilgrim of the Sikhs and is situated at a distance of about 72 kms from Champawat at the confluence of river Lodhiya and Ratiya, near Deyuri village. This place has immense spiritual importance.
  • Nagnath: A devotee of Lord Shiva must visit this place as it is considered to be the oldest shrine. It exhibits the Kumaoni style architect of the 18th century. Guru Gorakhnath had built this piece of wonder.

Festivals of Champawat

The roots of the major festivals of Champawat are interrelated with the land’s culture, rituals, religion and traditions. The main festivals of Champawat are:

  • Kumaon Holi: It is similar to the celebration of the popular Hindu festival, Holi. This festival is of a great significance to the Kumauni people as it not only marks the victory of the good souls over the evils but also the beginning of the new sowing season.
  • Basant Panchami: The musical affair starts right from Kumaon Holi. The Khari Holi, Baithki Holi and Mahila Holi mark the beginning of Basant Panchami. Holi of Salvation or Nirvana Holi is the other name of Baithki Holi. The songs sung on this occasion have fun, melody and spiritualism.
  • Phool Dei: This festival is celebrated on the first of Chaitra or to be specific, the mid of March. It is more like a carnival which continues for a month and the young girls visit every house to gift plates full of jaggery, flowers, rice and green leaves.
  • Olgia/ Ghee Sankranti: Another festival that is significant to the farming community, the villagers put ghee on the foreheads and eats Urad Dal with ghee stuffed Chapatis to celebrate the auspicious day. It is celebrated during the first day of Hindu Lunar Calendar’s Bhado month.
  • Bagwal Festival: An amazing festival where you can witness the traditional stone war among the heads of the four popular clans or khams. It was originally done to shed the blood of the clan heads but now fruits have replaced the stone and it turned out to be a fun festival.
  • Kandali: It celebrates the blooming of Kandali flowers. These flowers are quite special as they blossom once in every 12 years.
  • Ganga Dussehra: As the name suggests, on this day the sacred river Ganga is worshiped. It is celebrated on Shukla Dashami and numerous fairs are arranged.
  • Khatarua: The month of Ashwin or mid-September is the time when this special festival is celebrated. From making bonfires to dancing around with multi-coloured flags, this festival is mainly special for the pastoral agricultural society.

Bhitauli, Makar Sankranti, Nandadevi are some other major festivals. The fairs (melas) of Champawat are famous in far off villages of the region.

Shopping Hunt in Champawat

Though there is no major shopping destination in Champawat, one can ideally find good quality Kumauni artisans, souvenirs, woolen items and other things near the Champawat bus stand in the main market or GIC Chowk.

Tips to Follow Before You Go to Champawat

Before you decide to leave on a vacation for Champawat it is extremely necessary to plan your trip carefully; the following are some of the tips that you must keep in your mind while planning a trip to Champawat:

  1. Choose and decide upon an ideal season of the year that is suitable for your trip.
  2. Choose the most comfortable route and mode of travel.
  3. Ensure to surf through the websites of various hotels and resorts to compare the hotel deals offered by the hotels and to land onto the most suitable holiday packages.
  4. Book your tickets and hotel in advance to ensure a hassle free and comfortable journey and most importantly to avoid the rush.
  5. Plan your trip well with minimum luggage.
  6. Prepare a list of popular tourist attraction spots you want to visit.
  7. Also make a list of places that are nearby to the actual place of visit.
Hotels and Resorts in Champawat

Champawat is a well-connected town and its nearness to the railways, runways and roadways act as an added benefit for the Champawat tourism. The presence of numerous sightseeing places draws a large number of visitors every year which ensures a bubbling business of the hotel industry. Since tourists are visiting throughout the year, numerous cheap hotels and resorts are found in and around the town of Champawat, which solves the problem of lodging and makes the region an ideal holiday destination.

The following are some of the best hotels and resorts of Champawat:

  • Hotel Baleshwar, Champawat
  • Hotel Mount View, Champawat
  • Resort Sequester
  • Ojaswi Himalayan Resort
  • Trishul Orchard Resort
  • Te Aroha Dhanachuli
  • Tiwari Hotel & Restaurant
  • Binsar Eco Resort
  • Hotel Himsagar
  • Hotel Shikhar
Higher Educational Institutes in Champawat

Besides being a popular tourist attraction, Champawat has many recognized educational institutions:

  1. Govt. P.G. College, Champawat
  2. Swam Vivekananda Govt. P.G. College, Champawat
  3. Barahee Devi Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Devidhura, Champawat
Hospitals in Champawat

Uttarkhand Tourism has introduced many well-equipped hospitals for benefitting the tourists. Both Ayurvedic and modern treatments are followed in the hospitals of Champawat. The most renowned hospitals are:

  1. Mayavati Charitable Hospital
  2. Adhikari Pathology Centre, Lohaghat
  3. Community Health Centre, Champawat
  4. Kamla Bagli Chandshi Clinic, Champawat
  5. Bishvas Clinic, Lohaghat
  6. Punetha Hospital, Champawat
  7. Kamla Bagli Chandshi Clinic, Champawat

Tourism in India has flourished in this diverse culture and slowly Champawat is gaining immense popularity due to its unusual beauty. Tourism in Champawat is trying hard to make a name in this competitive tourism industry by rendering the best services.

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