Udham Singh Nagar, a district very popular for its industries is also famous for tourist attractions. Uttarakhand is a state which has largely contributed towards the growing tourism in India and Udham Singh Nagar is among the best places in the state with a lot of tourist spots. You will find a unique blend of different religions, customs, and traditions in Udham Singh Nagar which is exactly what makes Incredible India a true slogan for our country. The total population of the place is 1,23,614 as per the previous census report and most of the crowd that you will see here include people who work in the industries or are tourists. You will find that the most people communicate either in Hindi or Kumaoni, the local language.

Udham Singh Nagar History

Previously Udham Singh Nagar was a part of Nainital, which is among one of the most famous districts of Uttarakhand. In the year 1995, Udham Singh Nagar got its separate identity and became another district in the state. However, the village list has stayed the same since its separation with Nainital and some of the popular villages are Kashipur, Bijpur, and Pantnagar among others.Udham Singh Nagar Map

Geography of Udham Singh Nagar

If you check out the Udham Singh Nagar map, on one side of the district lies the majestic Kumaon Himalayan hills and on the other side, you can see Nepal. The picturesque sights here are worth your time and you will love to gaze through the hills. Even the land is quite fertile and favorable for agriculture related activities. Udham Singh Nagar spans across an area of 2,908 km2 and is considered small but very popular among all the Uttarakhand districts. The city of Rudrapur is the administrative headquarters of Udham Singh Nagar.

Climatic Conditions of Udham Singh Nagar

The climatic conditions are favorable throughout the year in this region and thus the tourist footfall is almost equally high in all the months. However, if you are looking for the best time to visit Udham Singh Nagar, it is usually between the months of December to February midst of the winter season. The temperature is usually 8 to 22 Degree Celsius during these months.

Udham Singh Nagar Tourism: The Best Tourist Attractions

Even the neighboring districts of Udham Singh Nagar are home to some of the best tourist spots in India. So you can plan and visit the places worth seeing.  Below are some of the popular places to visit in Udham Singh Nagar and you will have a great time visiting them.

  • Nanakmatta Sahib Gurudwara: Although you would need to travel a little to reach the Gurudwara but the journey will be totally worthwhile. The ambience is calm, peaceful and you will be amazed by the beauty of the Gurudwara. It is also among one of the most famous pilgrimage Centers of the Sikh religion.
  • Ataria Temple: Udham Singh Nagar is very popular for its temples and this pristine temple of Goddess Ataria is worth a visit. You will see a lot of tourists here who come to seek blessings as the local people revere the place for fulfilling their wishes. It is said that King Rudra was passing through the place and his chariot was stuck and thus the temple was created then.
  • Drona Sagar Girital: The Drona Sagar Girital is a very popular place in Udham Singh Nagar and is known among the best tourist destinations. People usually visit the place for the Chaiti Mela that commence here with a lot of fanfare. If you choose to visit the place during the winter seasons, you can have a look at the snow clad mountains in the surroundings.
  • Giri Sarovar: The beautiful lake is widely considered as among the best Udham Singh Nagar sightseeing If you are looking to have a calm time with your family or group of friends, this is the perfect place you can be at. It is also an ideal place where you can arrange for a small picnic, the sights are beautiful and the climate of this place is naturally graceful.
  • Chaiti Devi Temple: If you are visiting Udham Singh Nagar during a major festival, never miss out on going to Chaiti Devi Temple. You will find flocks of visitors including foreigners and locals who often visit the temple. It is also home to a fair which happens during the festivities of Navratri. A lot of credit for the booming Indian tourism goes to temples like this which are known for their deities.

Udham Singh Nagar Industries

Most of the industries are in the agriculture sector owing to the availability of a fertile land and rivers, dams, etc. Many people also come to the district in search of jobs in Rudrapur industrial area. The Uttarakhand Government has also helped a lot in creating a favorable environment for the industries as well as focusing equally on the tourist attractions here. You need to be up to date with Udham Singh Nagar news to know about the jobs in the industries of the district.

Shopping Hunt in Udham Singh Nagar

Tourists who are looking to buy clothes from here will find it in abundance as there are various cloth markets that run in the district. If you want a more sophisticated place for shopping, you can head to shopping malls in the district such as ‘The Metropolis Mall’ where you can choose from various different brands. Since the place is developing at a rapid rate, the new shopping destinations are being constructed for the tourists as well as the locals. You can also find cinema halls in the vicinity if you want to catch a latest movie along with some shopping.

Interesting Facts about Udham Singh Nagar

  • The city Rudrapur in the district is said to have created by a devotee of Lord Rudra in the historian era.
  • Pantnagar University, the first Agricultural University in India is located in Udham Singh Nagar.
  • There are a lot of mythological stories that you might hear from the local people here if you interact with them.
Hotels and Resorts in Udham Singh Nagar

Tourist destinations usually have some amazing hotels and resorts to stay and the same stands true for Udham Singh Nagar. You will also find various guest houses and Dharamshalas along with Udham Singh Nagar hotels. You can also find cheap hotels in Udham Singh Nagar if you search hard enough or make prior planning before visiting the place.

  1. Tourist Guest House – Kashipur, Udham Singh Nagar
  2. Tourist Rest House – NanakMatta, Udham Singh Nagar
  3. Hotel Good Times – Opposite to Rudrapur City Railway Station, Rudrapur, Distt. Udham Singh Nagar
  4. Hotel Sonia – Udham Singh Nagar, National Highway 87, Rudrapur
  5. Hotel Anand Castle – Ramlila Ground, Ramnagar Road, Udham Singh Nagar
Educational Institutions in Udham Singh Nagar

It is also home to India’s first agricultural university which is a big achievement for the district as agriculture is India’s top occupation. There are various reputed schools and colleges within the district as well as in close proximity in other districts where students sometime travel for higher education.

  1. Bhartiyam International School – Rudrapur-Kichha Road, Dist- Udham Singh Nagar
  2. M Public School – Khatima-Sidcul Bypass Road, Udham Singh Nagar
  3. Rainbow Public School – Adarsh Colony, Udham Singh Nagar, Rudrapur
  4. Saraf Public School – Khatima, Udham Singh Nagar
  5. Maria School – Khasra No- 543 Afzalgarh Road, Kishanpur, Tehsil, Jaspur, Udham Singh Nagar
Hospitals in Udham Singh Nagar

There are some reputed nursing homes and hospitals in the districts at frequent distances. Since this is an industrial area, there are chances of mishaps happening and thus the number of hospitals is more in the region. Even if you are here on the purpose of visiting, keep this list of hospitals handy, you might need it in some case of emergency.

  1. Chandola Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital – Kichha Road, P.O. Lalpur, Via-Kichha, District Udham Singh Nagar
  2. Prakash Eye Hospital & Laser Center – D1-D2,Civil Lines, Lane 2, Udham Singh Nagar
  3. Amrit Hospital – NH 74, Gandhi Colony, Rudrapur, Udham Singh Nagar
  4. Narayan Hospital And Trauma Centre – Near Ark Hotel, Bilaspur Road, Rudrapur, Udham Singh Nagar
  5. Jeevandeep Hospital – Veer Hakikat Ray Marg, Rudrapur, Udham Singh Nagar

There are many places in the district which are among the best holiday destinations in India and you will have the time of your life while on a holiday. The next time you plan to visit North India, add this to your list and find a nice Udham Singh Nagar travel guide who will show you all what is worth seeing in the vicinity.

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