Uttarakhand has enchanting beauties to offer to the populace of the world. Almora is situated in the Kumaon division of the state of Uttarakhand. It is a cantonment town and comes under the supervision of municipality in India. The district of Almora is renowned for its picturesque and serene views of the majestic Himalayas, the vibrant cultural heritage, exemplary handicrafts and mouth watering cuisines. The town is located at a height of 1,638 m above the sea level. The breathtaking landscape of the district of Almora draws thousands of tourists every year and spurts the business hubs of the region of Kumaon. The mountainous town of Almora is surrounded by the district of Pithoragarh in east, the Garhwal region in the west, the district of Bageshwar in the north and the district of Nainital in the south. It offers mesmerizing scenic beauties serving as one of the peaceful places to make a pleasant stay for vacation.

Almora District Map Uttarakhand

Almora History

Before Almora was established as a town it was under the direct rule of an ancient Katyuri king named Baichaldeo, who later in his rule donated the majority of the region to a Brahmin of Gujarat origin, Sri Chand Tiwari. During the reign of the Chand rulers the region was known as Rajapur. Currently, Almora is becoming a favourite choice for all the tourists for its magical ambience and heartwarming hospitality.

Geography of Almora

The geography of Almora is as amazing as the pretty hill station. The location of the town is over a ridge of a mountain that is shaped like a ‘horse saddle’. The eastern part of it is called the Talifat while the western part of the ridge is called the Selifat. The people of this region speak both Kumauni and Garhwali. The river of Gori flows through the district of Almora.

Climatic Conditions in Almora

  • The Almora climate ranges from moderately hot breezy summers accompanied by the monsoons to extremely cold winters. The average temperature of summer ranges between 12 – 28 degrees which extends from the month of April to July.
  • The monsoon extends from August to October with November marking the onset of winters in the district. It often brings the temperature to -3 degrees.
  • The winter starts from the month of November and lasts to February. One can experience snowfall in Almora if he/she plans to pay a visit to this popular destination during the winters.

Best Time to Visit Almora

The best time to visit Almora is in the summers and the beauty of the hill station is at its peak post monsoon, owing to the cool and refreshing weather in Almora in November. The warm and breezy temperature in May enhances the experience of sightseeing and widens the scope of Indian tourism on a whole.

Almora Tourism

The town is blessed with breathtaking scenic beauty in form of lofty mountains, lush green valleys, clear streams, and tranquil weather conditions. The vast number of tourist attractions spots in Almora makes it one of the best vacation spots. The beauty of the region and its people’s lifestyle is immeasurable. The bright and sunny weather in the summers and the winters’ heavenly snowfall in Almora offer a bouquet of experiences to the tourists. The welcoming behavior of the natives of Almora along with the scrumptious local foods will make you crave to explore more of this gorgeous location. The following are some of the best places to see in Almora:

  • Nanda Devi Temple: It is a temple of historic importance which has beautiful images carved on its walls. The temple is located in the heart of the town of the Goddess Nanda Devi. The festival of Nanda Devi in the month of September draws a large number of tourists to the town.
  • Bright End Corner: It is renowned for its scenic beauty and picturesque images of sunset and sunrise.
  • Lal Bazaar: It is the favorite shopping destination for the locals and the tourists alike. It offers beautiful handicrafts, woolen garments, metal utensils and other decorative items.
  • Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum: It keeps alive the culture and traditions, which prevailed in Kumaon. Showcases the valuable collection of sculptures, artifacts and ancient paintings.
  • Simtola: A great picnic spot that offers a great view of the majestic mountains overlooking the greenery of the valleys. It also has abundant pine and deodar trees.
  • Deer Park: It is situated about 3 kms from the town and abounds in various deer species, Himalayan black bear and leopards.
  • Chitai Temple: This temple is located 6Km away from the heart of city on Almora- Pithoragarh Highway. This is the temple of Gollu Devta. It has a ritual of sacrificing goats during festivals as a offering to God.
  • Jageshwar: This place is famous for its 124 mandirs (temples) and the exquisite craftwork on black stones. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlings of Goddess Parvati. The place is in narrow valley surrounded by Deodar trees in the forest. The climate here is little cooler in summer too. Many pilgrims come here during Shivaratri between August and September (Saavan).
  • Doonagiri: This temple has a deity – Goddess Durga and is of high religious importance. Gogas valley is clearly visible from this temple.
  • Ranikhet: Ranikhet is the major hill station of the city and a cantonment town. It is situated at an altitude of 1829 m above sea level giving a great sight of Himalayan peaks.
  • Kausani: It is a God gifted place nested between the seep pine forests. The top of the hill here gives an awesome view of Nanda Devi Temple and a snow capped Trishul in Himalayas. It is about 1890 m above sea level. Kausani is full with its own natural reserves.

Other nearby tourist places near Almora include Bhageshwar, Binsar Mahadev Temple, Someshwar Temple, and various other Almora Temples, Baijnath, Ranikhet, Martoli, Pindari Glacier, Chitai Temple, Zero Point, Chaukori and Kausani are among the top destinations near the town.

Fairs (Mela) in Almora

  • Doonagiri Mela: This fair is organized at Doonagiri temple in Ranikhet in October.
  • Shrawan Mela: This fair is held in the months of July and August at Jageshwar temple in Jageshwar.
  • Gananath Mela: The fair is organized in October or November.
  • Dwarhat Mela: This fair is held in the month of April in Dwarahat in its temple.
  • Kasar Devi Mela: This fair is organized in Kasar Devi Temple.

Shopping Hunt in Almora

The shopping hunt in the city is a great experience. Lal Bazaar, Karkhana Bazaar, Malli Bazaar, Jauhari Mohalla, Thana Bazaar, and Khajanchi Mohalla are the popular shopping places in the city. It is famous for rabbit wool clothes. These clothes are made up from wool of special breed of rabbit. You can shop the woolen garments, brass items, decorative items, and different kinds of metal utensils from the market at reasonable price.

Tips to Follow before you Visit Almora

  1. Plan your trip for the most ideal season.
  2. Make a list of the places you wish to visit.
  3. Choose the most convenient route to travel to and through Almora.
  4. Browse through the websites of various hotels and resorts of Almora to get hold of the hotel or resort which is affordable and offers good service.
  5. Book your hotel before you set out on your vacation.
Best Hotels in Almora

The Almora resorts and hotels offer Almora holiday packages and best Almora hotel deals that makes the trip easy on the pocket and comfortable too. You can complete your whole trip at much lesser price by availing the discounts. The town of Almora is well connected through its roads, railways and airways which are important characteristics for the development of Almora tourism. Another excellent feature that enhances the experience of Almora sightseeing is the availability of cheap hotels in Almora.

  1. Anant Rasa 3 Star/Deluxe Hotel – Syahi Devi Estate, Shitlakhet, Uttarakhand – 263678
  2. Imperial Heights – Kasar Devi, Almora-Bageshwar Rd, Almora, Uttarakhand 263601
  3. Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort – Kalimat Estate, Kasar Devi, Upper Binsar Road, Almora, Uttarakhand 263601
  4. Kasaar Jungle Resort – Mansarover Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110015
  5. Woods Resort – C-144, Lajpat Nagar, Central Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110024
Higher Educational Institutes in Almora
  1. Bedupako Institute of Himalayan Arts and Folk Music, Manan
  2. Kumaon Engineering College
  3. Government Degree College Jainti
  4. Department of Computer Science, SSJ Campus
  5. Govt. Institute Of Hotel Management
Hospitals in Almora
  1. SN Hospital and Heart Centre: Near Roadways Station, Ranikhet- 2636415
  2. MN Srivastava Hospital: Kalika Ranikhet – 263645
  3. The Leprosy Mission Hospital & Home
  4. Victor Mohan Joshi Government District Women Hospital
  5. Pandit Har Govind Pant District Hospital

Indian tourism has brought in several changes to this hidden beauty of Uttarakhand. Almora was unexplored by the zealous travelers for quite a long time but with its unbelievable surroundings, tourists have found interest in planning a vacation in this mesmerizing location.

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